7 Ply Blockboard

Modern block board is again a product with a difference. It is manufactured with double core for high strength. Modern 7ply block board has high internal strength because it is assembled with seasoned PINE WOOD frame and battens and covered with wider core of two layers. It is treated with advance ORGANIC COMPOUND for high resistant against termite and borer.

Empowered with special

Organic Chemical:

Special organic chemical infusion in the premium quality Modern Block board gives it the ultimate resistant properties to hold back the product from the attacks of borers and termites. Unlike ordinary Blockboard, Modern Blockboard is capable of sustaining itself from the impact of attacks, rendering greater value to the product, in terms of life and usability.

Suggested uses:

Furniture and partitions, panels, beaded doors, interiors of portable houses, bins, racks. Where panels of higher thickness with greater bending resistance are required, Modern block board makes for an economical solution.

Range available with 7 Ply Block Board:

BWP Grade: Modern 7ply block board is available in water proof (BWP) grade for external application or for the use of interior application where high strength is required. This water proof 7 ply Block board is bonded with high solid content PF resin to be unaffected with water.

Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade: Modern 7 Ply Block board is also available in moisture resistant (MR) grade for the application in interior applications. This MR grade is best choice for those who need a high quality product in economical price.

Technical Specification