Calibrated Plywood

Calibrated plywood is a premium grade product which made with utmost care during manufacturing. It is manufactured by double pressing technology in which it is first pressed and calibrated and then it is again pressed with Gurjan face.

Modern Calibrated plywood is bonded with high solid content resin and during the GLUE formation an advance ORGANIC COMPOUND is mixed with resin for the extra protection against termite and borer.

Full core and full panels are used to strengthen the plywood and pressed in India's best hydraulic press in the supervision of plywood experts who are well experienced in the field of plywood manufacturing.


  1. It is densified and calibrated plywood thus being denser in structure; it renders greater strength to the woodworking.

  2. Being empowered with anti termite and borer chemicals, it has greater resistance power to fight against borers & termites. In fact, the infusion of special organic chemical in the glue line area of MODERN plywood ensures that it remains protected & safe from the attack of borers & termites.

  3. MODERN plywood is a 100% calibrated ply and has all the features of the best plywood available.

Suggested uses:

Being highly resistant plywood to changes in weather and atmospheric conditions, Modern calibrated plywood is used for all types of woodworking. It also finds good application in air-freight container making. Now-a-days, instead of using the normal plywood, people are opting for MODERN calibrated plywood even in kitchens and bathrooms.

Range available in Calibrated Plywood:

  • Water Proof (BWP Grade) Plywood
  • Moisture resistant (MR Grade) Plywood

Thickness Available:

18mm (15ply), 12mm (9ply), 6mm (7ply)

Technical Specification