Flush Door

Modern BWP flush door is a durable product and known for its excellent quality, exceptional finish and unique dimensional stability. It is made of selected PINE WOOD frames and accurate battens. It is evenly constructed with same species of timber that provide a longer life. BWP grade of Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used for bonding the layers.

It has extra lock rail that provides great strength to the handles and knobs. Its hardwood frames provide strength for fitting of hinges and anti deviation resistance. A complete testing of Flush doors enables the company to render assured strength, safety and peace. These flush doors are tested by quality personal in modern lab and conform to IS: 2202 specification.

Quality, which makes Modern Flush Doors unique:

  • Better finish and strength - Modern flush door is manufactured with smooth full core and filled with seasoned battens so there is no gap or overlap on the surface of flush door.
  • Better water proofing: It is bonded with PF resin with specified temperature and pressure in hydraulic press , so it is 100% water proof door.
  • Completely protected from Borer- It is treated with latest derived preservatives, so it is completely safe from termite and borer.
  • No Warping- After pressing Modern doors undergo in conditioning process to keep product free from bending.
  • Surpasses ISI standards- it is stuffed with superior raw material and strict quality control so whenever tested in lab it always surpasses the ISI required tests.
  • Eco friendly- Modern door is made of high quality plantation timber and fortified resin so it is free from any organic hazards substances like formaldehyde.

Thickness Available:30mm, 32mm and 35mm

Sizes: Customised sizes are available as per the requirements.

Technical Specification