The plant has one of the best and finest infrastructural setup with state-of- the- art equipments. The plant has latest Hi-tech machines to carryout failsafe manufacturing.

The layout of the plant ensures smooth flow of production and is so well designed that it is a model plant for others.


The total unit is divided into various sections and each section has an in-charge and adequate supervisors. The plant is practically dust free and is having clean & healthy working atmosphere. Safety measures are taken wherever required for the safety of workers.

Regular meetings are held between the marketing and production team to discuss various issues related to emerging trends, production, further up-gradation of the product quality and marketing strategies etc.


Modern ply maintains the highest standards of quality by using only the best available raw materials which are processed in house. Imported Gurjan wood is used as a best quality Face veneers. Gurjan, a wood species with high density and natural durability is known in the world as the best wood for manufacture of plywood.

100% selected, treated and seasoned imported Pinewood is used in the manufacturing of Block boards.

Quality of Plywood is further assured by in house manufacturing of PF and MUF Resins. The Resins are produced in a modern resin plant supervised by a team of senior chemists. The PF / MUF resins are tested as per the ISI Specifications in a highly sophisticated laboratory before it is used.


Manufacturing quality products which exceed the ISI standards.

We are one of a major producer of panel products in the country and are well known for quality product manufacturer, which is supplied all over India & trusted by almost all renowned plywood dealers and distributors.

Hydraulic Peeling machines of high production capacities are installed for the production of core veneer. A number of oil heated Jumbo Veneer dryers are operated to condition the Core veneers to the desired degree of moisture content.

A number of latest High Pressure Hot presses with auto controls and supported by hydraulic loading and unloading lifts are installed in the plant. The pressed plywood panels are calibrated and trimmed to the desired sizes by chain driven Panel Saw machines.