What is different in Modern Plywood?

Uniqueness of MODERN PLYWOOD lies in its manufacturing process; it is manufactured by using Double Pressing of plywood thus it get calibrated at every point and also double pressing reduces the chance of any defect inside the plywood.

In the double pressing process Modern plywood is first assembled with core and panels then it is pressed in India's best hydraulic press at defined temperature and pressure. The pressed plywood is trimmed with double dimension saw machine and then it is calibrated for uniform thickness. After pressing with Gurjan face it is sanded in wide belt sander for smooth and fine finish.

Advantages of Double pressing:

  • Double bonding strength
  • Uniform thickness at each point
  • Double life of plywood.
  • Smooth finish
  • High bonding strength with mica and veneer

For majority of industries, manufacturing of plywood is very simple just like peeling, pasting, pressing and cutting. But at Modern wood industry, manufacturing of plywood and related products is a passion.

We always put our energy to make out products better than the best. In this regard our brand Modern plywood is manufactured by eight stage manufacturing process.

During this long and unique process Modern plywood is manufactured by utmost care in the supervision of IPIRTI qualified technical personnel.

"Eight stage manufacturing process provide an extra power & perfection to the product. This process makes it perfect for the architectural use."